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I doubt it's a surprise to anyone, but I wanted to make it official: I don't have the wherewithal to drum up enough members to make an exchange worthwhile, so I'm calling this exchange officially closed.

It's been a great time while it lasted. Thank you all.
I just sent out notes with the assigned recipients for May. It's a small round, but let's make it a good one! :w00t:

I'll post a new signup journal closer to the middle of the month. By that time I want to be prepared tocontact some OC groups asking if they'd promote this group a bit.

Judging from a question that came up this time, it needs to be clarified what information participants are supposed to leave (that is, there is no form, you leave a link or several links to wherever you keep your characters).

Can you think of anything else that should be clearer or better?

Thanks for taking part! :)
ETA: There are 5 days left to sign up!
In so far: FloofFloof, kuroiyousei, ankewehner

All right. Since I can't attract people to join the exchange on the external page, the exchange will in future run here on DeviantArt.

If you'd like to take part in the May round, leave links to your character references in a comment on this post.  References can be an external page or a DeviantArt folder with multiple character sheets/profiles,  or a list of direct links to such profiles.

Full Rules

At the start of May, you will receive a message telling you for whom you'll draw. Deadline for submitting art to the "Trade images" folder of this group is May 31st.

If you'd like to take part in all future rounds, you can leave the information on the Autosignup Post instead.

Have at it :)
If you would like to take part in all future rounds, leave your signup information here.

Required: At least 2 characters. You can submit a link to an external page, a DeviantArt folder, or a list of links to individual character profiles.
Please keep all information in one comment, editing it or replacing it with a complete, new comment, rather than making additions in replies, or similar.

full rules
Character Art Exchange is a monthly secret santa style art exchange: Each participant of a round will be assigned to another randomly to draw for them.

What kind of characters
Your original characters
Humanoid, anthropomorphic/furry, animal, robot, whatever
Characters based on an RPG or a fandom are OK, but when giving information, please write it under the assumption that the artist drawing for you is not familiar with the source.

You must be able to create and submit an image within a bit less than a month.
You must be willing to draw different kinds of characters - you cannot sign up and say "I only draw furries" or "I only draw humanoids".
You must be OK with receiving art in various styles.

Provide at least 2 characters who do not look identical. The artist picks whom they draw for you.
You can submit a list of links to individual characters, on deviantart or elsewhere, or a link to a folder here on deviantart that contains your characters, or a link to an external site that contains your characters (for example the Cast page of your webcomic)
A link to a webcomic without a cast page, or your DeviantArt gallery with different art is not enough.
Please organise your references so that it's possible to draw for you while avoiding explicitly sexual images or text.

We encourage to give some background information, such as what kind of setting they're from, personality, typical activities, relationships with other characters, so that you're more likely to get something that is in character, and more interesting than "just a portrait".

The folder "Trade images" is for all of the images drawn for the trades.  It's the only one you need to use.
The other two folders you can submit to, "Reference material" and "Illustrations and Stories" are completely optional, for showing off your works involving characters you enter into the exchange, if you want to.

Each round starts in the first few days of the month. The deadline is the end of the month.
If you don't finish an image, you cannot take part in fiture rounds until you do finish it.

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